Week 2: Wishful Thinking Tour of Britain

Last week I blogged at the LadyScribes about our ambitious plan to win the lottery and tour Britain. The first stop after landing at Heathrow and letting jetlag have it’s way with me was a visit to Ham House. This week we’re still in Surrey.

I have to say planning to spend a year in Britain might sound like fun, but it is hard work working out the details. There are so many places in one county to choose from that deciding where to go next is a challenge. I really must thank my iPad for help with directions and distances for these blogs. The map feature is outstanding. It gives me distances and times based on my mode of transport. And also displays the route to get there. (Note to self: do NOT forget the iPad – I can get lost in a teacup)

First stop: Clandon Park
~ West Clandon, nr Guildford, Surrey
~ 25 miles—50 minutes from our last stop of Ham House.

Clandon Park was rebuilt around 1730-33 by Venetian architect Giacomo Leoni for the 2nd Lord Onslow into a Palladian mansion. Clandon, currently under the care of the National Trust, boasts a gorgeous two story Marble Hall, a Grotto (I’m desperate to see a grotto), a Maori meeting house, and sunken Dutch gardens. From my reading the house is supposed to boast the Meissen collection of Italian Comedy Figures and also house the Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment Museum. But if I were you I would go to www.clandonpark.co.uk and take the virtual tour today. While the outside virtual 360 degree tour is excellent, the tours of the Marble Hall and The Tapestry Room is to die for. DO NOT FORGET TO LOOK UP AT THE CEILINGS! It could almost be as good as being there!

The house and garden is open mid March to October (but not every day of the week) as is the Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment Museum. For specific opening hours go to the National Trust website. Clandon Park is also a wedding and function venue so if you’re lucky, and you love weddings, you might get to see a bride too!

 Shalford Mill
~ Shalford, near Guildford, Surrey
~ Five miles—15 minutes—from Clandon Park

Shalford Mill is a large timber-framed watermill on the River Tillingbourne dating back to the 18th Century.  The present timber-framed building, built around 1750, originally housed two separate mills. The eastern half of the mill ceased operation in the 19th Century and is used for residential purposes. But the western half operated as a mill until 1914 and is open to the public since its features are almost unaltered since that time.

The mill is open late March to October two days a week. Visit the National Trust for visiting hours. Guided tours are available by arrangement.

Last stop:Oakhurst Cottage
~ Hambledon, Godalming, Surrey
~ Under a mile from Shalford Mill

A small half-timbered house built in the 16th century, Oakhurst has been refurbished by the National Trust as a farm laborers dwelling with displays relating to four centuries of occupation. The gardens are filled with plants popular during the Victorian era.

The cottage is open from late March to late October a few days a week. For specific’s go to the National Trust website for visiting hours.


That certainly isn’t all there is to see in Surrey, there were so many great places to visit. Next week we’re off to explore West Sussex country. However, right now I’m off to purchase this week’s lottery ticket to make our wishful thinking tour of Britain a reality. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed! Although that last one makes it hard to find the publish button. Cheers!

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