Slowing down and seeing the world

My arms are killing me and not from typing.

It’s good Friday and since the weather was perfect my family and I went kayaking on a local creek. I should do it more often I know, that way it wouldn’t hurt so much later. The four of us headed off on three kayaks. The littlest boy is small enough to still sit with one of us but, not for long. He’s grown taller and by the end of the year I doubt he could still sit in the kayak with me. Have you ever tried to paddle with an eight year old keen to interrupt and snuggle? Makes it a little hard to keep up. What would be harder is getting somewhere if he had to paddle himself along!

So, I’m tired and weary, but it was the best day. Instead of spending all my Friday writing, I got out into the world. A nice quiet world where fish jump ahead of your kayak, a flock of little twittering birds swooped around our heads. I have no clue what they were, they were moving way too fast, but I know they wouldn’t last a minute near my current house.

Living where I am now,  in a built up area, I notice the lack of little birds boucing around the garden. I miss them, they don’t interfere with your day. Here I get woken by Kookaburra’s, annoyed by the whining of young Magpie’s and don’t get me started by my near misses with rainbow lorrikeets hooning around the sides of the house. Are those birds suicidal? I tend to think they might be.

When I got back home, instead of having problems settling back into work mode, I had much better focus. Friday is usally a slacker day for me – I visit blogs, follow links to other websites – nothing too time consuming because I know I will not be working over the weekend to continue any line of thought. I had a few things lined up to finish and I finished them so quickly. The relaxing atmosphere of the creek really soothed me and I’m looking forward to getting out there again soon.

I hope you get a chance to do something equally enjoyable. Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Slowing down and seeing the world”

  1. Okay, Australia has the coolest names for birds! Or maybe just the coolest birds 🙂

    Sounds like you had a great time kayaking – I would be way too afraid of drowning to have a good time. LOL! I’m a city girl to my core. I think brunch at a kitchy restaurant in the city will be my equally enjoyable activity.

    Have a wonderful Easter, Heather!

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