Shh, I’m writing a romance

Another week has come and gone way too fast.  Sometimes I think that I’ve blinked and missed it but when I look back at my diary – I’ve been really busy. I did edits on three historical romances, critiqued some really great work from my writing sisters, and created another blog.

You’re probably wondering why I need another blog. I mean, despite my good intentions, I occasionally miss blog days here right. Well it’s not just my blog. My writing sisters have decided that we would like to blog together on one site so I’ve spent the latter half of this week setting up a pretty blogspot blog for us.

As you can imagine, there has been a huge amount of messages zinging between us all but the main subject was not related to the actual blog address, appearance, or content. No it was who got what title. Within our crit group we have affectionately nicknamed a few of our members and there has been great debate over rank. I kid you not, the competition was fierce. Me, I’m Viscountess Wicked, and there was an actual battle for Lady Crack Ho, but since we all like to be use period appropriate names that one was tossed aside.

Our plan with the blog is to create a site that can offer something more than the average blog – writer feedback.

With Friday night creeping up on me I think I might go grab a book, a glass of wine, and relax. Hope you’ve had a great week. What are your plans for Friday Night?

In the beginning …

In the beginning there was the idea that I could write a novel. It took me nine months to complete Chills, another month to type up because I wanted the whole writer experience (or what I thought it was) and hand wrote in notebooks. Foolish girl aren’t I.
Then came NaNoWriMo – and I thought why not. So I spent a month feverishly writing my next novel and let my butt really spread. Just kidding … although! Never mind. Thanks to NaNoWriMo I now know what I’m capable of. I wrote a 70k novel in a month. Knocking over a chapter each writing session was possible. Editing should be easy right! Yeah sure. No.

Editing my first novel was hard. I had forgotten a lot of what I had written. I seem to have forgotten all about the rules of punctuation too. A crash course in punctuation was needed. I’m a member of a nice friendly writing group and I have finally submitted some chapters for critique. I’m looking forward to hearing what they say…

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