Thursday . . . Good and bad

Change is the only constant in life, right? This Thursday we’ve got some big changes in the book world. Good and Bad. The bad first…

Thursday Good and Bad Book Depository is closing

Book Depository is Closing

I’ve used Book Depository for print books for a really long time and I’m sad to hear its going to be closing down. Readers can still order books up until midday on the 26th April. There’s more info on the site if you need more info.

But now for the good…

Kobo Plus Territory Expansion

Kobo has a ebook subscription service called (imaginatively) Kobo Plus and they are now open to resident of the United States and the UK, too. It’s similar to Amazon’s KU but doesn’t require authors to be exclusive to them. I know Kobo plus has been very popular for my readers this past year. I’ve not been given the option to add my books to those regions on the Kobo Dashboard yet, but I’m sure that will be coming any day now. You can sign up for Kobo Plus for the low price of $13.99 AUD, $9.99 USD or £8.99 UK per month. This subscription is great for voracious readers. Happy reading!

And a farewell…

Elon Musk's Twitter is dying a slow and tedious death | Financial TimesTo Twitter. After 14 years of loving the social media site over all others, the immediacy of connecting with readers and other authors, I’m done there. The new owner is determined to cut our visibility and line his own pockets. Absurd for a man supposedly worth billions already. I have kept my account, but I will no longer be posting or visiting the site to interact with anyone. I haven’t yet decided upon a replacement social media site (never really been a fan of Facebook since its impossible to be seen by your followers there too) but you will find me here on my own blog. Would love for you to say hi sometimes. 😀    

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