Full steam into 2015

Here’s to 2015! The New Year is here and I’m so excited because it’s going to be an awesome year for so many reason. I took stock at the end of the year as usual like many people and have to wonder where 2014 went. I was busy, crazy busy some weeks, but it now seems a blur. I tried to review what worked and didn’t work during the past year to judge how and where I procrastinated, and if at all it added value.

For instance, Pinterest is actually helpful when it comes to deciding on fashions for my regency characters and while at first glance you might think its total procrastination it’s honestly a research tool for me. 😛

Instagram is a new site I ventured into and its purely procrastination. I don’t know what I was thinking there except I do like to take the occasional photograph and I wanted to share them. That’s probably needs to stop.

Facebook is a total crapshoot in terms of visibility nowadays. I have a page, but I swear no one must ever see it because despite all the amazing number of likes, it’s seen by under 20% of the following at best.

As far as book marketing goes, I’ve had inconsistent results all year. On some books I did basically nothing and they sold well. But where I’ve spent big bucks and time it probably wasn’t worth the effort.

Scrivener is program for writers, a slightly more structured and complicated method of writing your story in bits that should have helped speed up my writing. Instead, it slowed me down a lot.  I know it works for so many people and they rave about it, but I guess the basics are still my style. 😀  I’m already fully back at work with word and loving writing all over again.

So what is the single main change I’m hoping to make for next year at this stage in terms of being an author:

~ More story words, less marketing and fretting over marketing. That doesn’t mean I won’t be on social media but I think changing the way I use it is a good idea. Facebook isn’t really sharing my posts anymore unless I pay them to do it and that seems to make a joke of what they began as a way to communicate freely with people no matter where you lived. I know their shareholders require a profit but I’m not one of them.

Do you set goals each year for your personal life and business and manage to follow them?

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