I’m a Guest at Jess Michael’s Blog Today

I’ve the very great pleasure of being a guest at Jess Michael’s blog today. Jess is an amazing erotic regency author, hell yes I’m a fan, so please swing by and say hello to Jess.

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Oh, and thanks so much dear readers for snapping up a copy of An Accidental Affair since release day. It’s an Amazon Regency Romance Bestseller!

Aside from good news, I’m also sharing a teaser from An Accidental Affair too! Enjoy.


“What I want precisely is my business to know.” Merrick eased back from Louisa, offering an apologetic smile. “I do appreciate whatever advice you can offer, my dear.”

She pouted. “Whoever you marry had better deserve your skills in the bedchamber. You will find you sacrifice much freedom in a marriage.”

“That is true.” And it was also not. The lady he married would be the one to sacrifice much. The rumors of his father’s misdeeds had plagued Merrick his entire life. His mother had fled society eventually, humiliated and hurt because it was all too true. Once Merrick married, he feared that his wife could be subject to the same sort of speculation.

Yet he needed a son—a legitimate heir to take responsibility for the estate and all those who depended on him.

So in return for taking him on, and the burden of his father’s legacy, Merrick would make his own pledge. Fidelity. His wife would be the only one to bear his children. There would never be a bastard child bearing his likeness. He would not cause the same pain as he had witnessed in his parents’ marriage. He had told no one of his thoughts on the subject because in truth, he expected to be disbelieved. However, he had come to the decision that the woman bound to him for the rest of her life deserved the same consideration.

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