Are you ready for the one that got away?

Hunting the Hero_200It’s teaser Tuesday so I’m sharing a sneak peek at my upcoming release, Hunting the Hero.

Since escaping abduction, Rosemary Randall has become a master of reinvention. With a fresh name and an intriguing new lover, she’s determined to forget the past and make the most of her scandalous life. So when she hears her brother is searching for her, she put her pen to paper to try to explain her reasons for not going back.


Dearest Leopold,

In a perfect world I would be with you and our brothers at Romsey. In a forgiving world any eccentricities could be overlooked and not used to harm others. However, life is not simple and not every indiscretion can be forgiven. When you have fallen as far as I have, there is little point in making plans beyond survival and the briefest taste of pleasure.

I thank you for your concern. But I must beg you to stop searching for me. I cannot come back. I was never perfect and I cannot forgive as easily as you have done. Not everyone should be found, or saved.


Your loving sister,



Hunting the Hero will be available September 1st. Not long now.