T minus four days and counting

In just a few short days, provided the airborne ash cloud from Chile complies, I’ll be winging my way to Dallas and then on to New York. But before I go I wanted to do one last post.

If you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll know I published my first M/M regency romance last week. Almost an Equal is the first in a loosely related series based on the characters of a fictional London gentleman’s club, The Hunt Club.

In the 1800’s sexual relationships were against the law and punishable by hanging. The last men hanged for the offence were John Smith and James Pratt in 1835, but the punishment wasn’t abolished until 1861. Thank heavens for that. If you’re interested in how history viewed homosexual relationships head over to Homosexuality in the 18th Century. There are links to trials and newspaper reports between 1684 and 1824. I found reading through them quite chilling. There seems to be a lot of gaps in the transcripts where details have been deliberately omitted from the records perhaps to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of the time, but conversely, there are so many slang terms for gay men in the 1811 Dictonary of the Vulgar Tongue that leaving them out seems absurb.

Here’s peek at Almost an Equal.

When Nathan Shern, Duke of Byworth’s, empty sham of a marriage is threatened by a fellow duke he is naturally aggrieved. He cannot allow the potentially damaging contents of his wife’s diary to reveal the depths of their estrangement because exposure of his secret dalliances with other men would taint his innocent children’s lives. Not to mention end his life. So, without revealing his mission to his steward, Henry Stackpool, a man he trusts for everything else, Nathan undertakes to steal the diary back alone.

Former pickpocket and molly house whore, Henry Stackpool, works hard to keep his position as right hand to a moral man, the Duke of Byworth, but he fears his kind hearted employer is ill-equipped for a confrontation with his unstable opponent. Yet Henry cannot reveal his knowledge of the threat without exposing the secrets of his past or his keen interest in Byworth’s safety. So when fate places Henry in harms way, he risks his hard won reputation to retrieve the diary. Yet he too is held captive, and when Byworth comes to his rescue his lies are revealed.

Can Byworth forgive him for his deception and will Henry keep the country life he’s grown to love?

So far the story has been well recieved and if you enjoy it too I’d love to see some reviews pop up around the web.

Next month, just for newsletter subscribers, I’m posting a chapter-a-month of a work in progress, Love Me True. If you’re not a subscriber yet and want to read from chapter one click on the newsletter signup link and leave your details. The mailchimp process is simple and easy.

So that’s it from me for a few weeks. Internet access while I’m away might be scattered so I’ll be concentrating on the excellent information presented at the Romance Writers of America Conference, catching up with my wonderful critique partners and hoping to make many more friends!

Back on the 12th.


A new short

A little late this week posting but my tardiness was for a good reason. Wicked Mourning is up and live at Amazon and Smashwords too and the newsletter is almost complete. That should go out early next week.

Here’s the skinny on Wicked Mourning:

Widow, Clara Blackstone, is a faithful woman who has mourned her philandering husband for the last six months. Sheltered from pity and whispering tongues at a friend’s country estate, Clara awaits the birth of her first child with mounting confusion. Despite the tiny life growing inside her, she dreams of passion in Reggie’s arms. And the erotic fantasies grow more compelling every day.
When Reginald Moore’s wife died in the arms of her lover, Clara’s husband, he whisked pregnant Clara away from false friends to his country estate to avoid the strain of the scandal. After six months of pretence, Reggie is done mourning his faithless wife and, despite his originally noble intentions, he longs to have Clara in his bed – unborn child and all.
But are his skills of persuasion enough to convince Clara to set aside her grief for a faithless man and choose a new life with the one who stood by her, no matter the obstacle?
Hope you like it!

I’m in love with Downton Abbey

Could life get any better? Another rather brilliant show has hit our screens and after the first episode I was desperate for more. What a great glimpse of upstairs downstairs life! Downtown Abbey is a feast for the eyes, although set a century later than I usually write. (It starts with the news that the Titanic sunk) I already have my favorites: Bates the valet, Anna the maid and the little kitchen maid, Daisy. I loathe Lady Grantham’s lady’s maid, O’Brien. Oh, and the Dowager Countess asking “what is a weekend?” totally cracked me up! Well worth recording and watching more than once.

Last week I completed a very naughty story. Wicked Mourning is the tale of two widowers, Reggie and Clara, thrown together because of their spouses’ affair and subsequent deaths. The complication, Clara is seven months pregnant with her late husbands child and heir and has no idea Reggie wants her. It’s a quick read that I can’t wait to share.

In other news, I’m packing for my trip to the New York for the Romance Writers of America Conference. I’m so looking forward to seeing my critique partners again. It’s been two years. oh and I’m working on my first newsletter, so make sure to sign up before the 20th to hear my latest news!