Seriously Reviewed Review of One Wicked Night

Just discovered my first review  site review for One Wicked Night. Here’s what they had to say:

I enjoyed reading One Wicked Night. For a novella, Ms. Boyd does a wonderful job of capturing the flavor of the era. There is a nice set up with a hint of mystery. You know something isn’t quite right but the story is revealed slowly. The anticipation is there but you aren’t sure exactly what you’re hoping to see happen. What does happen is some incredibly erotic sex, some past danger and the danger of discovery. Charlotte and Benedict are memorable and endearing. The ending is just what you’ll hope for but you’ll have to read One Wicked Night to see for yourself.

The rest of the review is here:

One Wicked Night is available at Noble Romance, Amazon, and a gallizion other sites on the web. 

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