My first Hump Day Hook: An Accidental Affair

I’ve signed up for my first Hump Day Hook where a small group of authors share a paragraph of a book they’re working on, a new release coming soon or a book already out. I’ve not done a lot of teasers of late. This should be fun.



Today I’m sharing a snippet from an upcoming story, a work in progress, that probably won’t release until the first half of next year. The tentative title is An Accidental Affair … enjoy!

~ * ~

Lady Arabella Farnsworth was not the kind of woman to incite great passion in any gentleman she met. In truth, she did not believe she had ever stirred the slightest rush of desire. Nevertheless, she would not be deterred from her mission. Around her, the most eligible, witty and downright dangerous lords of society strolled the throng, taking their pick from any number of willing widows. Arabella was both a widow and exceedingly willing. It was simply a matter of catching the right gentleman’s eye and praying he understood her intentions.

~ * ~

 Hope you enjoyed the snippet. I’m off to see who else has posted their snippets so far.


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16 thoughts on “My first Hump Day Hook: An Accidental Affair”

  1. Hi Heather!

    You excerpt just took me back in time to my teenage years when I read that Arabella thought that she wasn’t “the kind of woman to incite great passion in any gentleman”!

    I think with that one sentence she just became my favorite heroine! Being the shortest girl in my class I can still remember the boys “patting” me on my head when I was in Junior High! I didn’t grow much taller and for years was “best buddies” to many of the male species.

    Of course I hope you realize making us wait until the beginning of next year to find out if she’s successful in her quest isn’t going to easy!

    (Need any “proof readers” while you’re in the process of finishing it? I’m glad to volunteer!).

    • LOL I’ll certainly keep you in mind for proof reading but the 2014 release cannot be helped. I’m still writing it. LOL So glad you liked Arabella so much from that short snippet.

  2. Oh I think she’ll get noticed…but is by who she wants it to be? I want to know more…LOL Great hook, nicely done.

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