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Regency romance can never be too hot!

Determined to escape the Aussie sun on a scorching camping holiday, Heather picked up a pen and notebook from a corner store and started writing her very first novel—Chills. Years later, she is the author of over thirty sexy regency historical romances. Addicted to all things tech (never again will Heather write a novel longhand) and fascinated by English society of the early 1800’s, Heather spends her days getting her characters in and out of trouble and into bed together (if they make it that far). She lives on the edge of beautiful Lake Macquarie, Australia with her trio of mischievous rogues (husband and two sons) along with one rescued cat and new puppy.

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Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Heather:

1. She’s ridden an elephant in Bali and felt ALL its tummy rumbles. Still trying to forget.

2. She lives by 8 rules. ‘Choose a dentist that isn’t stingy with painkillers’ is right at the top.

3. Her guilty pleasure: baked cheesecake, excellent coffee, preferably latte.

4. She loves Sloths! Have you seen their toothy smiles? They never fail to cheer her up.

5. ‘When you’re in the moment everything you want is right’ pretty much sums up her state of mind as she sits down to write. She goes with the flow.


SERIES: Distinguished Rogues Book 10
Genre: Regency historical romance
Release Date: August 6, 2019
ISBN:  ebook 978-1-925239-577 ; print 978-1-925239-638
Retail Price USD: $3.99 / $9.99
Available In:
ebook & print
Words: over 70k
Paperback: 244 pages


In the battle between love and duty, the heart has the most to lose…

Despite his previous irksomeness, Lord Julian Wade has become a dear confidant to Portia Hayes. He’s proven attentive, honorable, clever, and would make many a lady a fine catch. Not herself, alas. Wade has naught but lint in his pockets, and Portia is expected to make an advantageous match. Her recent betrothal to the Duke of Montrose thrills her parents, but as she learns of his unfavorable reputation—and equally untenable behavior—Portia’s happiness is less assured. As is her chance of being loved.

Julian Wade may have lost the battle for Portia’s hand, but her heart has yet to be won. Certainly his old enemy Montrose is unworthy of her affections, and indeed, it seems the dastardly duke is up to his usual unsavory tricks. But Julian has a few tricks of his own, as well as the support of dear friends. Penniless though he may be, should he win Portia’s love once and for all, Julian may yet prove to be the richest gentleman about Town.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – ‘A great friends to lovers story’ ~ Amy Higgins

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – ‘Julian is a hero as I love them, with a scoundrel side but so caring’ ~ Elodie Nicoli

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – ‘Loved the story. Loved the leads. Loved everything about it.’ ~ Eva Naimer



“Good God, woman!” Lord Wade exclaimed loudly, looking at Portia with a horrified expression on his face. “Do you imagine you and I are friends?”

“Of course we are! The best of friends indeed. You would have saved my life if I was in danger last month.”

“That was last month.” He loomed closer suddenly. Wade was narrowly built but quite a bit taller than Portia. When she looked up at him, she felt her knees start to tremble, which was an odd discovery to make now when he’d never intimated her before. “Miss Hayes, we are not friends. We never were.”

She blinked at him in surprise. “But…”

His eyes narrowed, and he suddenly drew back. “I found watching your reckless antics amusing for a time—you were always one kiss away from scandal—but those days are long past.”