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bookbub featured deal the duke and I book cover imageWidowed Nicolas Westfall, the Duke of Stapleton, cannot prevent the upcoming debut for his youngest daughter no matter how much he wishes her eventual marriage wouldn’t leave him all alone. Convinced to host a Christmas Ball to prepare her for the season, he’s aware he’s considered a catch on the marriage mart too, but Nicolas is drawn to companion Gillian Thorpe instead.

Gillian was hired to prepare the duke’s daughter for her first season, but its not easy when the girl hasn’t the least interest in the men and the widowed father makes her knees weak when he laughs with her. Gillian respects and admires (perhaps too frequently) the Duke of Stapleton and when she’s lured into a mistletoe kiss with him, will she be able to stop at one or even want to?

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Read an Excerpt from the Duke and I…

“Ah, there you are, Thorpe,” the Duke of Stapleton exclaimed. “How fortunate I am to find you in this out of the way spot. Were you waiting for me?”
Gillian blushed deeply as he paused at her side. She was outside his study door, so of course it might look that way to him.
Judging by the amusement in his tone, he wasn’t concerned she might be dangling after him. “I assure you it was not intentional. I wanted to see if the weather outside had cleared enough for a short walk. Oh look,” she said quickly, “there is Mr. Whitfield at last, joining your daughters for a stroll about the grounds.”
“I sent him out to put a stop to my daughter’s rather transparent attempt at matchmaking,” Stapleton promised as he brushed against her side. “Forgive me for teasing you today. I know you are the model of propriety.”
“I do try, Your Grace.”
Tried and failed last night—rather spectacularly, in fact. Gillian had not stopped thinking about her employer ever since their kiss, and in ways she was not supposed to consider him. It was very likely she could have shared his bed, if she’d not been scared witless by the very great risk she’d taken with her reputation.
He glanced behind them. “I shouldn’t have kissed you last night.”
She startled. “But you did. Why?”
He appeared puzzled. “I took advantage of you having put mistletoe in my pocket.”
“But I didn’t put mistletoe in your pocket.” Her eyes widened as she realized what must have happened with the mistletoe.
Jessica had put it in her father’s pocket!

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