Coming soon: Hunting the Hero

I am so ready for spring to be here because that means Hunting the Hero releases worldwide. Australian spring is September 1st and I’m so busy now it’s scary. There are reviews to arrange, print edition to proof, and contests to organize, not to mention making sure this book is available for pre-order everywhere I can get it. (So far, Amazon is not coming to the party. Boo!) But … to hold you over till September I’ve got a cover to show you. Ta da!!!!!!


I know how I feel about the couple in the cover, but for fans of the series is this close to how you imagined Rosemary Randall to be?


Stay tuned for next week’s blog post because I’ve a message from Rosemary to share with you. Till then

Term 3 Reboot

There is nothing better than a day devoted to writing. Today is such a day. My son went back to school for term 3 after the winter break and without the distraction of a small inquisitive young man at my elbow every three seconds I’ve made good headway with a brand new story. It’s like a reboot to my system. That’s always the best sort of day imo.


Tomorrow should be more of the same: write new words and edit older unpublished story. It’s work, don’t get me wrong, but fun work. The best I’ve ever had. Its amazing how lost I can get when writing a story.

What isn’t so fun is discovering a character name overlap. I was peeking through my first novel Chills over the weekend and discovered I’d reused the name of a character that hadn’t had their story told yet. Given that I intended to write that story very soon, I headed back to my notes and names list from the regency period to find an alternative.

Not an easy problem to solve. As the unpublished manuscript is largely finished, I’ve become a little too invested in the character name to make the choice quickly. Dorcas, Octavia, Cassandra? Nope, none of them. Mabel, Agatha, Winifred. Oops, those last few names have been used too. Maybe tomorrow inspiration will strike. I certainly hope so.

Does it bother you if an author has used a character name more than once in her body of work? Can you tell one Jane apart from another Jane?  I think it’s confusing but that’s just me. I’d love your opinion on this.