Sunday Six #2 Midnight Bandit

Happy Sunday! Sorry if that’s far too cheerful, but I completed a novel on Saturday and I’m feeling rather ecstatic about that. Thanks to everyone who dropped by last week. Such a great response to this WIP. Since I’m still writing it I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come as much as me. So, continuing from last week, I’m offering up the next six sentences.

* * *

Jeremy gripped the reins in one hand and gestured his four companions forward until they reached the limit of the trees. At his signal the other riders kicked their mounts forward, aiming directly for the swiftly moving carriage with the intention of halting it as smoothly as possible. They couldn’t risk having their precious cargo thrown about or give the grooms time to get a shot off that could injure one of them. After the trouble he’d gone to in his quest to finally be in the right place at the right time, he couldn’t let this opportunity be lost to carelessness.

He rose up in his stirrups, watching his men with a certain stirring of pride and sting of guilt that he’d turned them into bandits of the night. But to restore the fortunes of a once proud and noble family, they were all prepared to be just a little bit wild.

* * *

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Sunday Six #1 Midnight Bandit

Six Sentence Sunday might have ended last week but here I am again, dishing up six sentences of a work in progress. This one is brand new and may not necessarily end up a romance but the character is (or will be) tied to a future regency romance series.


Moonlight and shadow danced across the valley floor below, making the quiet night at once sinister and exciting with the prospect of salvation. Captain Jeremy North adjusted his seat on an equally dark gelding and waited with his men for the perfect moment to arrive.

Far below, a coach pulled by four white horses snaked along the valley floor with no idea they were being watched, bound for a wealthy man’s lands and a week long frivolous house party. Jeremy’s invitation had not arrived, and he feared word had reached the hostess’ of the dire straights he’d fallen into. They couldn’t know he had a spectacularly brilliant plan to get out of the mess he’d inherited. It merely required bravery, a little midnight thievery, and a daring plan to accomplish the recovery of his pride and the salvation of his lands.


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#SixSunday Final

I will miss Six Sunday so much. Many thanks to everyone who’s dropped by to read my work and have shared their own. Special thanks too to the organizers of this event.

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Pleasure, not pain, ruled Lottie’s existence. “Release me, Lord Ramsay.”

The man sucked in a breath and then smiled. The gesture failed to meet his eyes. Again, she’d made him furious and it was that volatile temper she’d been warned about. “Never.”