Characters that surprise

I’m not a regular viewer of the British TV series TORCHWOOD but this week I was glued. Why? Well, aside from spotting James Marsden (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) taking a turn as Captain John Hart, I happened to turn on at an interesting spot where I found characters that surprised me.

I could see a fight was coming – Captain Hart was drinking alone at a bar and then Captain Jack (the shows hero) comes through the bar doors. It had all the hallmarks of the westerns I endured as a kid. Except – the hero and villain kissed, and then they had the fight.

torchwood 1     torchwood 2     Characters that surprise

That was definitely not what I expected to happen and the novelty of being surprised kept me glued for the remaining episode (apologies to the RWA Friday Night chatters). Even now, that scene has me grinning and I realise that the stories I love the most have complex characters acting outside the norm.

We all want to surprise our readers but can you think of the last book you read, or wrote, where a character did something that really threw you?

The last story I read that totally surprised me was an upcoming release from Jerrica Knight Catania, For the love of a Viscount, where the hero asked the wrong question. I think I yelled at him. *grin*

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Washington here I come …

I’m as nervous as hell but I’m flying to America on Wednesday. Washington here I come! It’s my first long distance flight anywhere and I’m going alone. I’ve printed airport maps, jotted down directions and updated my phone with my itinerary. I’ve either remembered everything or its far too late at this point. The only bonus is that I should have a car waiting to take me from airport to hotel so I don’t get lost. Lets hope my luggage is as lucky (update: my luggage was briefly detained somewhere on the journey and arrived late at the hotel)

Let’s hope I’ve packed the right clothes. Australia is in the middle of winter and I’m told DC is hot and humid. Wish me luck and I will see you on the flipside.

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