Man Monday – Patrick Dempsey

 It’s Man Monday Day but I’m not sure where the weekend went. Usually I’d have my post done already but I had a really big weekend. First of all, the dreaded laundry took forever and I got into a cleaning frenzy in the kitchen. If I didn’t know it was impossible I’d swear I was nesting. LOL. The kitchen sparkles and I’ve found a new hero – Patrick Dempsy!

Next, I caught up on a bit of TV. Last week I recorded a show “Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour” but didn’t watch it till Saturday. Really great viewing for a historical writer. The English presenter took viewers on a trip around Europe that mimicked the places the 18th century gentlemen would have travelled to as part of their grand tour. And best of all, he included examples of how those travels influenced the architecture of Britain.

Last week flat out work. I started a new story, for the challenge with my critique partners. 7000 odd words in three days is pretty good when I’m not writing with an outline. I’m usually a plotter but thought I would try to create a story without planning beyond the day I’m writing. I have some ideas but they are not placed, thought of, or written in order. Could be a good story – or it could be a nightmare. Have to wait and see.Anyway, Monday morning is running away from me and I have to get into my writing.

Have a great week and in celebration of Grey’s Anatomy returning to Aussie TV here is a little something yummy to get you into your Monday. 

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