Man Monday … David Tennant

I’m writing this Sunday Night, knowing I won’t type it till tomorrow because I’m experimenting with writing long-hand again. Prior to the internet, prior to the rise of computers I had fairly decent handwriting. I could construct sentences without needing to use 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, and I wasn’t always looking back to edit my previous words. These days my hand writing seems messy – simply because the muscles I use for handwriting have lost their zing. Don’t laugh about my saggy hand muscles. I’ll whip them back into shape in no time.

It’s been a nice week since Mother’s Day. I’ve written a blog for this Tuesday’s Lady Scribes post, a piece about grave robbers, I got my very first royalty statement for One Wicked Night, and I’m 2/3rds through the synopsis for Broken.

I’m also writing another short-story long hand. I know, this was supposed to be my quiet month, but if I don’t write I fear I might actually go crazy. Tinkering with a short story, novella length, in much shorter burst of time is a process I’m really enjoying. I do have an outline, but because the writing is going so much slower than when I type I’ve had the time to change direction, ponder reactions before I write them, throw a spanner in the works during the love scene instead of letting them get straight to the action.

Wow, I’m watching TV while I’m writing (Bones & Castle) and I’ve just caught the second Prince (or the artist formerly known as) reference of the night. I’ve loved Prince my whole life, and I’m still impressed that my mum shrugged off my music taste and never noticed the high sexual content of his lyrics. Ah hah! Maybe thats why I like lots of detail in love scenes. I conditioned myself from a young age. Oh dear. *giggle* It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

I hope everyone has a great week, but I’ll leave you with some pic’s of my favorite DR WHO. I’ve really missed David Tennant this season. Take care.


Man Monday … Colin Firth

 Start you week with a bit of British. How have I never blogged about the gorgeous Colin Firth before. I mean, really, if you need a tall streak of Englishman with an amazing smile – Colin’s your guy!

 Just look at those dimples. And he gets better looking the older he gets. Not like Hugh Grant, who seems more sad eyed than ever.

I loved him in Pride and Prejudice. I mean who doesn’t, but I also watch everything else he acts in too. It’s possible I have a Colin obsession, so it’s lucky he lives far away.  I could so stalk him!



Have a great week!

Man Monday … Daniel Craig

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. (Oh dear, I’m having dance class flashbacks – I was the rabbit) 

The past few weeks have been busy, hence the absence of blog posts, but to make amends I’m back with another yummy man to start your week. Enjoy!