Man Monday … David Tennant

I’m writing this Sunday Night, knowing I won’t type it till tomorrow because I’m experimenting with writing long-hand again. Prior to the internet, prior to the rise of computers I had fairly decent handwriting. I could construct sentences without needing to use 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, and I wasn’t always looking back to edit …

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Man Monday … Colin Firth

 Start you week with a bit of British. How have I never blogged about the gorgeous Colin Firth before. I mean, really, if you need a tall streak of Englishman with an amazing smile – Colin’s your guy!  Just look at those dimples. And he gets better looking the older he gets. Not like Hugh Grant, …

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Man Monday … Daniel Craig

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. (Oh dear, I’m having dance class flashbacks – I was the rabbit)  The past few weeks have been busy, hence the absence of blog posts, but to make amends I’m back with another yummy man to start your week. Enjoy!    

Man Monday … Hugh Jackman

Wake up its Man Monday!     My first Hugh movie … ah, a truckie writer in Paperback Hero. The chesty bonds has never looked so good again.   I wonder if he ever posed like that for a camera without shirt. Oops that right – the water bucket scene from Australia is pretty close. …

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Man Monday – Patrick Dempsey

 It’s Monday and I’m not sure where the weekend went. Usually I’d have my post done already but I had a really big weekend. First of all, the dreaded laundry took forever and I got into a cleaning frenzy in the kitchen. If I didn’t know it was impossible I’d swear I was nesting. LOL. …

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