It’s my Indie-versary

AAA_FrontCover200Oh, hey! It’s my Indie-versary today. Three years ago I very nervously pressed publish on In the Widow’s Bed and I must say that feeling of stepping close to a precipice hasn’t noticeably changed. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised… I’m afraid of heights too. LOL

So much has happened in three years – sex, murder, mayhem, sex. (Hey, I write on the steamy side so its expected of me) It’s been a great three years writing what I love and I’ve enjoyed every minute of my indie publishing adventure. My next book out on March 12, An Accidental Affair, will be my 18th story, 21st publication when you include series bundled books.

Thanks to everyone who’s read, enjoyed and talked about my stories. It’s an incredible feeling to know so many people have stepped into my regency world and enjoyed what they found.


Winter’s Tale — Colin Farrell is my newest love. OMG he melted me completely. Winter’s Tale tells the story of an orphan, turned small-time crook who meets and falls in love with a young woman from a well to do family when he enters her home to steal from them. She’s alone and clearly ill, dying from consumption (fascinating remedies employed) and in their short association they fall in love. Usually I hate stories where one half of a couple dies (so not romantic) but in this story the ending is uplifting rather than sad. Since a love story is never without obstacles there has to be a villain determined to keep them apart. Russell Crowe’s Pearly Soames scared the hell out of me. Usually I love Rusty. Wouldn’t want to be around him in a bad mood now. LOL

Winter’s Tale Rating – I’ll be needing the DVD for my collection!


Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel – I’m pretty sure its a meant to be comedy. Thoughts?

AA Service Excellence

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to two exceptional businesses that I’ve dealt with in the past few weeks that offer AA Service.

AA Service ExcellenceThe first A — Anne @ VICTORY EDITING

Anne is a great editor, affordable and a lovely person to deal with too. Full edit or oops protection. I cannot say enough good things about her editing of my latest project and her continuing availability after the bill was paid. For more information about the services she offers click here.

AA Service ExcellenceThe second A – Amy @ AuthorEMS

Another brilliantly helpful service for time poor authors or authors grappling with making ebooks, especially epubs. Her work is incredible, fast and realistically priced. Author EMS also runs short course on marketing and much much more so check out the site thoroughly.

Thank you Anne and Amy for making these past few weeks so easy on me. Always AA Service from each of you.

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The Journey Continues

Hey, I’ve reached a major milestone! Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of my Indie Publishing journey. Two years ago today I self-published In The Widow’s Bed, fully expecting to sell maybe 100 copies tops. Since then I’ve published 13 ebooks, 5 print editions (several for friends too) designed & redesigned covers and content layout. Hubby and I did a count up today and we reckon I’ve exceeded my expectations by about 2000%.

As you can imagine, the last two years have been pretty full on and I’ve learned a lot. The biggest surprise, a happy one, was discovering readers, wonderful people, liked my wild imaginings. There is nothing better than gaining a new subscriber to my newsletter, receiving a review, or receiving fan mail from a happy reader. It totally makes my day so thank you. I hope you’ll continue reading my stories for many years to come.



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