What inspires me?

Ever wonder what a writer hears when they write. Voices usually, but I’m a big fan of listening music when I’m writing too. Music blocks out the neighborhood sounds, the cat demanding to be fed again (we’re thinking of calling him Horse) and the family (probably shouldn’t admit that). Some tracks put me in the mood to begin, some keep me there when my attention wanes. In truth The Piano Guys music saved me when I was writing my last novel. I found them via social media. They had created an amazing track – Cello Wars – that we all …

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Guest Interview & Giveaway

I’m a guest at Anna Markland’s blog today, taking about writing, independent publishing and family support. There’s also a giveaway up for grabs so be sure to swing by. 🙂

Who wants an Alpha Male?

Alpha males are often described as confident, attractive and wealthy. My latest hero, Tobias Randall, has the first two in spades, the latter he lacks. He’s had a hard life so money is in short supply but does that preclude him from the title of Alpha Male? Are they born or made? Other traits of an Alpha male: * comfortable with himself * passionate * problem solver * physically fit * witty * not afraid to admit he was wrong My Tobias fits that description to perfection. He’s alpha male enough for me. See what you think: The Blurb: Abducted …

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Web Wanderings

I’m a guest at Sandra Sookoo’s Seeing is Believing Blog today. Drop by as we get to the Heart of the Matter. Click here to visit SEEING IS BELIEVING BLOG UPDATE: The winner has been announced. Congrats KATSRUS