Bonus Content

From time to time, my characters just won’t shut up and drive me back to the keyboard demanding I tap out one last scene for them. I love them but, seriously, don’t they know there are many other characters waiting for their one true love to sweep them off their feet? But my characters are all so impatient and just won’t wait.

So, I have written a few additional scenes that are available as bonus content. These stories are, so far, part of the Distinguished Rogues or Scandalous Brides series. However, it is not essential to read them before proceeding to the next book in the series.

Bonus scenes are always free, short, and can take place months or even years after they’ve got their original happily-ever-after. I have made them available to my current newsletter subscribers and I hope they love them.

All Bonus Content can be accessed on this page or the newsletter. Join the newsletter to be notified of future bonus content from my regency world.


P.S Click the ‘Claim your bonus scene’ button to access the bonus content rather than the image.

Looking for the original (longer) stories I’ve written first, visit the BOOKS page to see them all.

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