No more drama?

I was reminded this week that the southern Winter Solstice is almost here and that means 2024 is nearly half over. I’m not unhappy about that. The first half of the year has been too much for me. I’m craving a return to normal life where distractions are fewer. Write, release the book, go camping and then start a new book. I vote for no more drama unless it’s in my fiction!

Speaking of My Upcoming Fiction…

Since the demands on my time have been higher than normal lately, my attention span has suffered and I won’t have a new release until September. But I have four works in progress with different final length goals. Mostly standalone stories and one novel for the Scandalous Brides series. Shorter stories are easier on my overwhelmed brain and quicker to finish though so I’m enjoying them a lot more than working on the novel.

I have two nearly finished stories requiring the completion of edits and they will release later this year: one is Miss Kimble Bites Back and the other is for a Christmas Anthology (more on that soon) that I hope you will love.

Amazingly, I have one completed story ready to publish too…only its for an unannounced 2025 anthology. Looking forward to learning when the pre-order begins for that one.

I’m closing in on 60 published romances too. I never imagined writing so many when I started but I don’t imagine many authors ever do. I am blessed to have such an active imagination I think, and I hope they are still bringing joy and a good distraction to my readers.

Book on Sale

Exciting news! Forsaking the Prize, book 2 in the Wild Randalls series, eBook is on sale for 99c everywhere right now and the sale lasts until the end of the month. Grab it if you haven’t already got your copy.

No more drama post


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