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Greetings! I’m going to be sharing excerpts from my Scandalous Brides series books for WeWriWa (Weekend Writing Warriors) starting with Wicked with Him. I haven’t done this in a while but I hope you enjoy this short teaser excerpts. Regency fans, this is a fun blog hop where other authors post excerpts of their work each weekend. It’s not all regency romance but its always interesting! Hope you check them out as well.

Todays excerpt is from the beginning of Wicked with Him, book 1 of the Scandalous Brides series, in which my hero and heroine first meet in secret at the fringes of a ballroom.

WeWriWa Wicked with HimRoman Crawford felt a tug on the back of his coat and turned his attention from the ballroom to see who had snuck up behind him unannounced.

“Don’t turn to look at me,” a woman whispered urgently.

He tried not to roll his eyes. Past lovers could be so tedious sometimes when they hoped to regain his attention. But he didn’t recognize this particular woman’s voice, so no doubt it was a lady long forgotten and of the belief that he would enliven her evening if offered a chance to get under her skirts again. She was in for a rude realization. He had loved and lost, and had no time for any game but his own. “Why shouldn’t I look? Clearly you seek my attention.”


Scandals rarely take place in the center of the ballroom, but on the fringes anything is possible.

From the moment George Sweet stole his intended, Roman Crawford has pursued every possible manner of revenge against the nasty scrub. Though he does have his limits. Debauching Sweet’s sister, a veritable paragon of vestal goodness, is beyond the pale—yet that is exactly what the lady herself requests. Roman isn’t willing or able to refuse when Amity Sweet quite literally begs him to participate in her ruin. But instead of a shy, virtuous flower, Roman finds himself in the arms of a wickedly passionate beauty…who disappears from Town immediately after their tryst.

If public humiliation is the only way Amity can escape an arranged marriage to one of her vicious brother’s cronies, then it will be on her terms. She enlists the aid of George’s greatest enemy, who she’s certain will be happy to see her brother brought low by her corruption. But Amity is no fool. She also chose Roman because of his reputation in the bedroom. She expects to find pleasure in her ruin. She does not, however, expect to find Roman Crawford nigh unforgettable. 

When the pair meet again, their wicked attraction is stronger still, but Amity despairs of falling for a man pining for another, while Roman knows any offer for her hand may further alienate Amity from her family. Neither are aware that their worries may be for naught. That their combined fate—and destiny—may already be sealed.

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