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Hello 2023 and Happy New Year! Hope you had a great night and are looking forward to an exciting year to come. I know I am. I have so much planned. A year of frequent releases for your enjoyment.

First up: A new series begins…

Last year I decided to start writing a new series and its the Scandalous Brides – a five book series, the first of which is Wicked with Him. Wicked with Him releases January 10.

Here’s an excerpt from the book…

Roman Crawford felt a tug on the back of his coat and turned his attention from the ballroom to see who had snuck up behind him unannounced.

“Don’t turn to look at me,” a woman whispered urgently.

He tried not to roll his eyes. Past lovers could be so tedious sometimes when they hoped to regain his attention. But he didn’t recognize this particular woman’s voice, so no doubt it was a lady long forgotten and of the belief that he would enliven her evening if offered a chance to get under her skirts again. She was in for a rude realization. He had loved and lost, and had no time for any game but his own. “Why shouldn’t I look? Clearly you seek my attention.”

“I don’t want my family seeing me talking to you,” the woman whispered with fear in her voice.
In Roman’s experience, neglected women tended to want people to look at them and become jealous, to prove they still mattered. He scanned the ballroom for familiar faces, for husbands of previous lovers, but saw none within his immediate view.

He relaxed but truly wanted to turn and end the game, though he had to admit he was amused by her stealthy approach. “Who would your family be?”

There was a long pause. “You don’t recognize me by my voice?”

He shook his head. The voice nagged his memory but not enough to produce a name to match its sweet tones. “No.”

“I feared as much.” The woman sighed heavily. “We’ve never spoken directly to each other, sir.”

He almost laughed out loud. “Then how could I know your family?”

“You do know some of them well, but you are not on good terms with my side. Not that I blame you.”

“You have my complete attention now,” he murmured, straightening and letting his eyes sweep the room one more time. There were many in this room whom he knew well indeed, depending on the length of their acquaintance. There were few he actively loathed though.

One irritating creature stood directly across from him, holding court among his cronies. His senses came alert when he noticed an absence in that man’s vicinity.

“For how long has this dislike been so apparent?”

“At least the last year,” she said quietly.

He stiffened as the only possibility immediately came to mind. The softly spoken woman behind him could only be a connection of the despicable creature he was trying to ruin. George Sweet had been a target of Roman’s rage for one year exactly. Everyone knew why. “And would you happen to be a close relative?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

He turned his head slightly. “Sweet Paragon?”

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Scandalous Brides, Book 2

The follow up to Wicked with Him is Desperately Seeking Seduction, due out April 18 and available for pre-order now. The story is written and just needs some final touches, proofing and formatting for release. I had an absolute blast with this one, hiding a woman in plain site in the guise of Lord Stratford’s temporary valet. I hope you’ll love it too.

Backlist Bonus

From now on, I’ll be releasing bonus scene’s for as many of my titles as I can dream up as an exclusive for newsletter subscribers. The first is written and available to be delivered for Chills, the Distinguished Rogues first book. You can find it here when you join my list. If you are already on my mailing list, don’t worry you can still get it, too. Just sign in using the same email address I usually send emails to for you at. You’ll get an email back with the Bonus Scene. Hope you enjoy.


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