Time to write…

Just a quick post because the muse is nattering in my ear twenty-four-seven at the moment and always telling me its time to write. But I wanted to give you an update on work and real life stuff before the month of August ends.

First up…I’m running a giveaway for three paperback copies of Chills right now. The draw ends October 5. Postage will be worldwide. Enter here and good luck.

Chills paperback giveaway image

Yours Until Dawn is now done and all editions are available for pre-order. The book releases November 15. There’s an ebook, paperback, hardcover, and Digitally Narrated Audiobook edition. Audiobooks are available only on GooglePlay and Kobo at present.

The muse has me writing up a storm for the new series I want to launch in early 2023. I’m very excited about this one. I adore writing brothers and the ensuing family drama when they’re gathered together. The first book (Wicked with Him) is in edits right now, book two is flying off my fingers, and the later books main characters are getting loud. I still have covers to design yet and release dates to settle on, but it shouldn’t be long now until I have some news on that score.

On the me front, I’ve pretty much adjusted to life after cataract surgery I had in July. That was a scary time for me, being worried about how the change might impact my ability to write afterward. But I had the best eye surgeon I could hope for and I should not have worried at all. Thanks Dr. Peter. Love your work! And about that story you wanted me to write based on how you and your wife met…well, that’s still percolating in my brain. 😀

Well, that’s it from me. Time to write…these characters won’t seduce each other without my help.

Time to write


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