Finally done

Finally done. This is the cover image for A Ramshackle StartIsn’t it great to finally finish a project that’s been on your to-do list for ages? It is the best feeling.

A while back, I wrote a random story scene that had been distracting me from what I was supposed to be writing-probably a Distinguished Rogues novel. I do that a lot even now, and usually swing back and finish the story when I have more time.

But with this random scene, I didn’t expect it to take me 10 years to flesh it out enough to turn it into a proper short story. This scene was only 1000 words once. Now it’s just over 8,000 and finally done.

Short stories are fun to write, and great for when you need a quick and cheeky romance to make you smile. They also should be cheap to buy, too.

My upcoming short story release is called A Ramshackle Start. Funny name, but hey, I chose it years ago and I’ve grown too fond of it to change it now. You’ll find A Ramshackle Start is available to pre-order now at all retailers for 99c/99p and you can read it on December 1.

Here’s a sneak peek at A Ramshackle Start…

Tessa groaned softly. “I cannot reach the very last button on this gown. I should have asked a maid to come up and help me change, after all.”

Robin smiled. “If it’s just the one, I can do it for you.”

She looked surprised by his offer. “Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?”

“Not at all. I’m more than capable of buttoning you up in a pretty dress.” And would become adept at getting her out of them, once today was over, if he had his way.

“There really is just the one button.” She smiled hesitantly. “Thank you, Robin.”

“No thanks are ever needed between us,” he promised and gestured for her to turn around. The door widened as she turned slowly, still pointing awkwardly at the row of buttons on her back. 

Robin almost laughed aloud at the mess she’d made of doing herself up. She must really have been rushing to change. He cleared his throat. “There’s a bit more of a problem here than you realize.”

She tried to peer over her shoulder. “There is?”

To fix Tessa’s gown, he’d have to unbutton her first and then start over. The thought of undressing her made him suddenly very hot.

Poor Robin. If only there wasn’t a wedding and guests waiting for them to make an appearance downstairs..

You can read the blurb on the book page or go straight to pre-order using the links below.

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Don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads shelf too.

Hope you enjoy the story.


Rebel Hearts Boxed Set

The Rebel Hearts Boxed Set is new out this week!  Rebel Hearts Boxed SetDashing sea captains, second chances, and forbidden pleasures abound in this collection of four steamy regency romances.

THE WEDDING AFFAIR: Sparks fly as Lady Sally Ford’s first love returns just in time to witness her wedding to another man. But with every argument and stolen moment, their former passion reignites as if it had never waned.

AN AFFAIR OF HONOR: Seeking escape from a marriage minded miss, Captain William Ford makes a desperate bargain with the maid who saved his life in return for acting the part of his lover—only to end up in a very real marriage of convenience.

THE CHRISTMAS AFFAIR: A lonely shopkeeper offers shelter to a not so innocent miss to overcome the bitter memories of Christmases past, but could such a wicked connection ever lead to a happily-ever-after?

AN AFFAIR SO RIGHT: Heartbroken and desperate, an unmarried lady enters the employ of a disastrously disorganized and distracting viscount in a bid to prove her father’s death more than an accident.

The Rebel Hearts Boxed Set is available from:

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September Writing Update

Here we are in the month of September. I’m foolishly excited that the end of year is drawing near as I’m hoping for a brighter future–and to have published a few more books too.

What’s happening in the writing cave?

Today I’m actually starting a brand new story. So excited to begin something new and fresh and as usual, I hope to be surprised by my characters. I never quite know what they’re going to do with makes writing romance so much fun for me.

What’s coming next and soon?

  • The REBEL HEART BOXED SET releases on September 15, oh, and that’s next week by the way.
  • There’s a new Christmas Anthology coming November 10. MISTLETOE AND MAYHEM is eleven brand new romances from your favorite authors and is available to pre-order.
  • And to start the New Year with love there is HIS PERFECT BRIDE to look forward to as well! That story, publishing January 5, is with my editor right now and available to pre-order too. Full blurb coming soon.

Well, that’s it for me. Time to dive into a new romance work in progress and cause another naughty scandal.