Roaring 20’s Goals

Walter says Happy New YearIt’s the new year and a time for sharing new resolutions. Except… I’m not so great at the resolutions, they’re often too vague for me to stick to. But I am big on setting small goals I have a hope of achieving. This year I want to:

  1. Take a holiday from writing. Right now, actually. It’s been a while since I actually took a decently long break from work or writing. As an indie author/publisher, I tend to work almost all the time without even realizing it. So during January it is my hope to do some (a) serious slacking (at home), (b) take care of me and (c) tackle some tasks I set aside some time ago. Which leads me to the next goal of…
  2. Digitizing all the family photographs and memories into a year by year catalogue. I’ve got the scanner, and a decent sized Dropbox account to keep them, and finally time. All I need to do is start.
  3. Publish! I’ve got a few things coming out this year for readers. There are new stories of course, series boxed sets, and another Christmas anthology coming out at the end of year with some friends too. But I’m not supposed to be thinking about starting any of that while on vacation, am I?

The last weeks here in Australia has been non-stop smoke, fires and dangerously high temperatures. I’m lucky not to have been anywhere near the fires so far, but my family has. It’s a worrying time and I’m heartbroken that so many have lost their homes, their belongings, been displaced, and lost their businesses too. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re safe and with those you love.

Until next time.

(Also, if you ever have trouble posting a comment on my blog, please use the contact me form to let me know.)

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7 thoughts on “Roaring 20’s Goals”

  1. I’m so sorry your family has been affected by the wildfires. I get so heartsick reading about the devastation online or seeing footage on the news. I hope you remain safe — and enjoy your me-time. It sounds well-deserved!

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