What’s happening in February

What’s happening in February?

Lots of romance projects are under construction at the moment. I’m finishing up a Christmas novella for a special project and writing the next Distinguished Rogues Novel. I’m putting the finishing touches on a vampire short story that’s been in the works for many years too. An Earl of Her Own publishes next week (currently a pre-order) which I’m very excited about. I had a lot of fun (as I always try to do) with Rafferty and Rebecca Warner. I hope you’ll take a peek at that soon.

In January I got the rights back to publish my short story, A Husband for Mary (previously in the Fool for Love Anthology). Although it is short, I will also be making it available as a paperback as well as digital. Re-release day is March 12, 2019. At the moment the digital price is 99c but it will not stay that low after release day. I’d suggest taking advantage of the pre-order price and grab a copy right now.

January in Review…

My birthday month was way too hot but incredibly busy. I finished a book and then celebrated turning 50 with a short holiday that I desperately needed. Hubby and I did a lot of ‘new’ things together while we were away in Sydney and Melbourne and revisited a few places we hadn’t been in a long time.

You may have noticed I haven’t posted on social media very much in the last six months. I’ve been trying to fix my work/life balance for a while with mixed results. Being online has become a habit and not a particularly good one for me. Writing is tough on the body because you have to stay sitting at the computer to get the words down. Adding social media time to that and I’m in danger of becoming a complete recluse. So, I’ve been going out more and experimenting with dictating my stories. Dictating is going ok, but I need to learn to speak punctuation more often. My Dragon Dictate software also changes some of my words to the most bizarre combinations. I’ll keep at it and hope it learns to hear me properly soon. 😀


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