Story News

Story News:

Last Thursday I sent The Trouble with Love to my editor. Yay! I expect it returned in 2 weeks or so and then I’ll begin the fun of incorporating her changes and suggestions for improving the story. I actually do enjoy edits so I’m looking forward to that. I also finalized the book cover design for the book too, but I’m just waiting for my editor to weigh in on the blurb before sharing with everyone and updating everything.

A New Office:

While I was putting the final touches on The Trouble with Love my darling beloved completed a new office space for us. Isn’t my side awesome!¬†My hubby is amazing.

I’d had a room to myself, unused spare room at the back of the house, for a number of years but we decided it was time to set up a shared workspace as he’s become more involved with the business side of my publishing efforts. The little room was just a bit too cozy for two and we were tripping over each other to get anything done.

I’ve settled into the new space pretty smoothly and quickly this past week which makes me really happy. I’m also in the heart of the house now and all I need to do is relearn how to: focus despite the activity around me, ignore the often¬†stunning lake view outside, and stay out of the kitchen during office hours. Except for making coffee. Coffee fuels my writing days.

I’m really looking forward to writing a lot of stories here. Stay tuned…


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