Hobby habits and hangups #MFRWAuthors

Hobby habits and hangups.

I’m back for another MFRW 52 week blogging challenge! Each week I will be writing a post from a set list of topics that with luck will a) get me blogging more often and b) help you get to know me better.

This week’s theme is: My Hobbies

Everyone has tried at least a handful of hobbies right and I’ve been suckered into a great many crazes over the years. The Cambridge Dictionary says that a hobby is an activity that someone does for pleasure when they are not working. Since I started writing romance novels, those moments when I’m not working are few and far between. Writing started out as a hobby and quickly became an obsession that’s lasted nine years so far. Not that I’m complaining. There are worse ways to spend your spare time isn’t there?

When I think back to my prewriting days I must admit what I did in my spare time gets a little hazy. Luckily, Wikipedia was lovely enough to provide a list of hobbies I might have tried once upon a time.


Perilous Hobbies… and the reasons I wouldn’t attempt them

Skydiving – Is it really a hobby if there’s a chance you could die on your first attempt?

Rock Climbing – see above and I’m terrified of heights (which should have been mentioned above too. Three rungs up a ladder is my risk limit thank you very much.)

Juggling/Baton twirling – most likely I’d end up in the hospital.

Hobbies begun but never kept up 

Crotchet, scrapbooking, sketching, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, puzzles (my sister rocks this hobby), embroidery, Astronomy, glass art, decoupage, latch hook rug making, gardening.

Now the haze is lifting I’m a little worried about what I’ve been doing with my time.

Hobbies I’ve never tried

Lock picking – please remember wikipedia says this is a hobby not a felony. It would only be for research purposes of course.

Book restoration – I do love old books. They are worth preserving.

Archery – more or less for future romance novels authenticity.

Hobbies I’ve attempted – more or less successful

Sewing, Reading, Candle making, embroidery.

Birdwatching – I watch the wild Pelicans soar in the air currents during Friday afternoon happy hour and look at this…it just happens to be Friday again.

*raises glass*

Cheers everyone! Have a good weekend! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Hobby habits and hangups #MFRWAuthors”

  1. I won’t be trying any of those dangerous hobbies either. I’m not into doing things that have any sort of life risk attached. LOL My hubs has skydived and I think he’s crazy. It was before we married or I would have talked him out of it.

    LOL the lock picking, that reminds me of Sherlock on Elementary. He’d agree that is is a hobby, to keep his skills sharp, not a felony.

    • I watch Elementary too love the way Sherlock doesn’t just collect his locks but rearranges them in different ways. It was also pretty awesome when Joan deliberately knocked the display over. LOL

  2. Heather, I’m with you on the Perilous Hobbies. Though I’m not afraid of heights, I am afraid of falling, not to mention being a clutz. I’d probably conk myself in the head if I tried baton twirling. I did enjoy archery when I was in high school, though doubt I’d have the strength to pull the bow these days.

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