Hello Sexy New Year: 2017

Hello Sexy New Year!

At least that’s how I’m choosing to think of the future–productive and above all else heavy on the sexy tales!

2016 didn’t exactly go as planned for me. If you are waiting on new series books from me I must apologize for non-delivery. You see, early last year my mother was properly diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease (you cannot force your fossils to see a doctor) and as the year progressed I spent more and more time helping out at their home. It didn’t help that my dad has been slow to accept he’s not the strong, strapping farmer he once was and made me worry my head off about what he was getting up to too.

Last year was great for quality time with my parents and I’ve got solid good-daughter karma going on, but was a very bad year for writing. I had to give up reaching my goals to lower my own stress levels by about mid year. Difficult situations can make thinking happy sexy thoughts pretty much impossible. Since my books tend toward the wicked end of the scale I struggled with switching off and getting into the mood (for writing). Thankfully things seem more settled of late and 2017 is off to a great start. I’m not making resolutions as such, but I’m already deep into writing mode and cranking out words like a demon, or a romance writer fueled by unlimited coffee and a post Christmas sugar high. 🙂

New Year, New Stories: Fool for Love

One good outcome of my short attention span last year was that I managed to write a novella totally unconnected with any of my existing book series. A Husband for Mary was pure fun to write! No deadline, no linking into existing series worlds, and I really needed that freedom. But then once it was written I had to figure out what to do with it. I write to escape and publish my stories so that readers might get away from real life as well.

As luck would have it A Husband for Mary is being published together with two wonderful new tales from Beverley Oakley and Donna Cummings. Here’s the official teaser for the new collection:

Let Love Conquer All!

fool for love small cover

Wicked Rogues. Handsome Aristocrats. Destined for love, one and all! Beverley Oakley, Donna Cummings, and Heather Boyd have teamed up to bring you three utterly romantic love stories to warm your heart!

In His Valentine’s Secret, by Beverley Oakley, Lady Athelton’s St Valentine’s Ball should have been a time for love, not vengeance, as the once carefree Lisette plots the demise of the man she once loved. Will she learn the truth in time?

In Truly, My Love, by Donna Cummings, Lord Benedict and Lady Sommerwood stage a faux romance in order to help him evade two besotted young misses at a Valentine party. But can an affair built on falsehoods possibly turn into true love?

In A Husband for Mary, by Heather Boyd, Miss Mary Vine kissed a handsome stranger at the Fenwick Masquerade, never imagining the extraordinary attraction could be for the most disgraceful rake in London. A man she knew far too well…


Order in Digital and Print (soonish)

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The print edition will be either a pre-order or available on release day. Still have the proof the physical copy yet.

2016’s last bit of bad news: All Romance eBooks Closure

Much to my surprise and disappointment, All Romance Ebooks has closed its doors with very little notice. I was not informed directly by ARE of the closure but thanks to the awesomeness of the indie author community, the news got around to me too.  Like every other author affected, I’m owed royalties but don’t expect to be paid out any time soon.

With such short notice, I understand its been a horrible mess for readers to download their books off the site. If you missed out on reclaiming a title of mine please get in touch and send me a screenshot showing the prior purchase. There is nothing worse than losing a good book and I want to help.

That’s all my news for the moment. Hope the New Year is making you smile already.

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