The Sound of Music and other nonsense #MFRWauthor

badge-blog-challengeI’m participating in the MFRW 52 week blogging challenge during 2017! Each week I will write a post from a set list of topics that with luck will a) get me blogging more often and b) help you get to know me better.

This week’s theme is: A Few of my Favorite Things.

1. TripleM
Have you ever rediscovered an old love you’d forgotten all about? When I was a teenager I used to move my portable radio into the back of the house to listen to a Sydney radio station before school and late at night. Triple M was almost a religious experience for me. Classic Rock, irreverent breakfast DJ’s. In the 20 years since, I wandered away from them due to poor house location for a decent radio signal but no more. Last month I found out they have an iPhone app and its my favorite thing at the moment! I’m in heaven. Classic rock rocks my world once again!
2. Writing themes
I’ve noticed a tendency to write a lot of second chance love stories and if I look over my keeper shelves, I tend to read them a lot too. Its not intentional, its what comes out and what I’m drawn to as a reader. I imagine other people are much the same.
3. Experimental Cookery
When I’m in the kitchen I’m a cook not a chef. I don’t tend to follow recipes to the letter and thankfully no one has died yet (or even barfed). Very few of my successful experiments are written down completely. I should probably get to that one of these days before my memory goes.

Oh, and yes. The Sound of Music is one of my fav movies too!


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5 years ago

When I was 14, we lived in the middle of nowhere. Our water was brought in by a big truck, no TV reception, and we hated modern music, so we listened to this old time radio station. They played the old radio dramas: Palladin, Have Gun Will Travel, Fibber McGee and Molly, Henry Ulrich… and the talk radio with Bruce Williams and Sally Jesse Raphael.

Loved those days!

Diane Burton
Diane Burton
5 years ago

My fav things, too, Heather. Station 6 (that’s probably not what’s it’s really called) on Sirius radio is my favorite. We only get Sirius when we get a new car. It’s that free trial thing. I’m sirius-ly thinking about extending it. 🙂

5 years ago

Wow, I remember that type of scratchy radio signal from my teen years! You had to be dialed EXACTLY on the station or you missed it entirely. Re: cooking – I’ve always been envious of inventive people who can throw a little bit of this and that together and make a yummy meal. I am strictly a follower of recipes.

5 years ago

I love experimental cookery also! If a dish has the ingredients I love most, I’m usually happy.

5 years ago

Thank you! You made me smile and remember my teenage days when I used to do the same thing: move the portable radio around the house to be able to get the station signal I wanted. Oh, and dealing with that whacky if-you-touch-the-dial-you-can-hear-the-station-but-if-you-step-away-it-goes-away. LOL

Adriana Kraft
5 years ago

Classic rock, creative cookery, The Sound of Music – what’s not to like!