November Update

It is so hard to believe I’m writing the November update already. Where the heck did 2015 go? It’s been a really satisfying year so and I’m not ready for it to end. There’s still so much to do.

Work in Progress

I am hard at work on my new regency romance series. A series that will release during 2016. I’m about a third of the way through the first draft of the first novel, but I’m wavering on the title and series name still. I suppose I have loads of time to settle on these things so until then…its simply the new series. As usual I have been doing a great deal of  research (Pinteresting) for the characters of the series and have found some great images for inspiration this week:

Captain Mark Hastings (a Henry Cavill lookalike)
Captain Gabriel Jennings (inspired by Colin Morgan)

Hot men. Oh yum!

Reason to Wed Digital Book Cover

Next Release News – Reason to Wed

I’ve just approved the print proof of Reason To Wed so with luck the title will be made available for pre-order on Amazon shortly. I’ll update this post and the book page when I have confirmation its available for sale in advance of the release date.

I’ve already uploaded the final book files for the digital edition although Amazon has not updated the page count to reflect the actual size of the file. Right now it says 6 pages which is incorrect. It’s actually 160 print pages long (so somewhere about that number for the digital version). I’ll have to contact them and get that mistake corrected.

Reason to Wed has also been loaded to NetGalley, a site for professional reviewers, to request, read and review. If you are a reviewer and have an account there feel free to request this title. As long as your profile is up to date with information about where you do review your application will be seriously considered.

October Print Contest

Congratulations to Anja and Lauriane on winning the October GoodReads Print Edition Giveaway for Miss Merton’s Last Hope. Your Books were sent earlier this week.

Righto, back to regency England and more research for me!

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