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An Improper Proposal book cover
An Improper Proposal
Book Six

The end of June is here. It’s cold. It’s the beginning of the winter school holidays and tomorrow is the start of the new financial year. Here we go again…Tax time. Paperwork. Bored teenager. Brain pain. Time to account for all my business activity. Blech…

Anyway besides my income, it’s a great time to also account for what I’ve been up to this year. What have I done? I published a seven author boxed set in January, ran my parents around a lot to doctors etc which reduced my writing time quite a bit, and finally release my first new book for the 2015 year–An Improper Proposal–in June. It seems like not a lot of romance writing but I did the best I could.

But I am now in a better position now to share that I’ve lots of new stories coming for my readers in the next six months. This is the plan for the second half of the year.

  • August 4th is release day for Miss Radley’s Third Dare. So glad to return to my Brighton Miss Mayhem ladies. They’ve been left alone too long in the sun and writing their adventures has been a joy. Review copies will be ready very soon but the pre-order is up now. Sneak peeks will be coming shortly. If you haven’t preordered your copy yet do it soon because the current discount will end shortly after release day: Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook
  • October is release month for Miss Merton’s Last Hope, the final book in the Miss Mayhem series. I’ve been dreaming of this couple so long and so often I even wrote the book out of sequence. It’s off for edits mid July so I’ll be able to talk more about it next month after that.
  • Releasing December is Reason to Wed featuring Esme and Lord Windermere from An Improper Proposal. I love this couple. They are just delightful and wicked and almost jumped the queue.

Miss Radley's Third Dare cover imageSo that’s all the definite plans for the year but I might have a couple of more publishing items up my sleeve yet. Have to wait and see what the book fairies delivers.

Since it’s the school holidays and my writing quota is generally very low for these two weeks, I’m working on plans for upcoming books and poring through research sites in between Fringe Episodes Reruns (teenager is a major fan). I’ve got a new regency series on my mind for 2016 and I’m super excited.

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