An Improper Proposal Teaser 3

I’m sharing a third peek at my upcoming regency romance release, An Improper Proposal. This is the first meet scene – the hero and heroine (Martin and Iris) collide at a ball and one of them hits the floor and the other cops a feel. LOL.

The music room and secluded alcove were mere steps away when Iris collided with a large shape crossing the darkened hall and toppled onto her backside on the carpet runner.
“Botheration,” she muttered unhappily.
A gentleman, judging by the soft grunt, rushed to her side and fumbled about, trying to find her fingers. His hands slipped over her thighs and upward until she almost couldn’t breathe from the shocking sensations. “Forgive me,” he murmured.
He caught her hands eventually and with a little tug, had her on her feet once more.
“Thank you, sir,” she said as she brushed off her skirts and shuffled into the little moonlit alcove she been headed for to assess if her gown was damaged and bring her racing heart under control. She’d never reacted to a man in such a way before and was quite unnerved by how she’d not stopped him from touching her sooner.
She put her hand to the nearest window latch and, out of habit, flipped it unlocked.
“Completely my fault,” the man assured her as he squeezed into the small space with her.


An Improper Proposal book coverAn Improper Proposal

In order escape a devil’s bargain penniless spinster Iris Hedley requires private lessons in seduction to become a wealthy man’s mistress. No stranger to scandal or bad choices, Lord Louth is convinced Iris is headed for heartbreak and sets out to prove surrendering to wicked pleasure can have unwanted consequences.

An Improper Proposal releases June 9 in digital and print on demand.

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