In Her Image – Part 6

In Her Image is a work in progress, a regency mystery I’ve been writing on and off and sharing during Weekend Writing Warrior posts. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to keep up enough reciprocal visits through the hop but I’d like to continue the story to share what happens next in longer posts.

The story so far: Lord Wade is investigating the death of a young woman. Her body is found in Grosvenor square with no identification and no immediate explanation of how she died.

If you’re new to the story, you can read the beginning here and then follow on with the excerpt below.

“What happened here,” a soft feminine voice murmured at his side.

Damon startled at the sound and spun to face a veiled newcomer he’d not noticed approaching. Her height placed her a little below his chin. Bundled in a dark cloak and hood, she was dressed richly for this time of the morning. However, no matter how he tried, he could make out little of her features. The sun rose behind her, obscuring everything else. But that was neither here nor there. His heartbeat sped a little. This woman may have come to claim the body. If she had a connection to the girl Damon would have his answers this day. “What do you think happened?”

Not a sound followed his impatient question. The woman kept her attention on the girl on the ground to the exclusion of all else. After years among the tons finest and often emotional feminine circles in his own family, he was a little surprised by this woman’s calm in the face of such a tragedy.

After a time, the woman turned away. “You’ll need to find her mistress.”

“Do you know her?” He grabbed for the woman’s arm and found it slender and strong beneath the cloak. It was then he noticed the woman was followed by a large servant, a burly fellow who’d easily pound a man into the ground for slighting his charge. When the man bared his teeth, Damon decided prudence was the better path and let the woman go. “Please. Anything you can tell me will help find her killer.”