WeWriWa – In Her Image Pt5

Welcome back for another excerpt from my regency mystery wip, In Her Image. I hope you enjoy this weeks piece with continues from previous posts. Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly meme by authors to share 8 sentences of their writing, published or unpublished on their blog or website. Comments are very much appreciated. 🙂 Be sure to check out the other fantastic participating writers at http://www.wewriwa.com this weekend. If you’re a new visitor to my blog and would like to catch the beginning of this story, In Her Image, please click here.




He’d discovered too little about the dead girl to give him the satisfaction of making any real progress. There may be nothing else to be gained, save to cart the girl off and be done with his investigation, but there had to be a reason for this body being here.

He drew out his notebook and added a few additional lines to the sketch he’d already made. As frustrating as he found it to be, not every death had a reason. Not every death was suspicious. Sometimes people just died. He had a trunk full of unsolved villainy in his study to prove that point but the young woman’s age and appearance niggled at him. He found it hard to believe she’d simply passed on without assistance.


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Keepsake, regency romance, heather boyd, distinguished rogues


KEEPSAKE–Distinguished Rogues, 5:

The Marquess of Taverham married young and fast with his eye firmly on his bride’s dowry as the means to repair the family fortunes for the next generation. Too late he discovered his new wife wasn’t going to make achieving all of his dreams that easy.



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7 years ago

Your writing is great and it put me right alongside him trying to figure out the case in front of him. How frustrating the forensics of the day must have been.

7 years ago

I agree with Owllady re the sentence about villainy but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the snippet. This is an excellent detective story and the setting is so unusual. Need more!

7 years ago

I too enjoyed hearing his thoughts. You’ve created a character with some depth.

Cara Bristol
7 years ago

Wow. I agree with the others. I liked his thought process. Good job.

Meka James
Meka James
7 years ago

Ok caught up on the other snippets so I could get a complete picture. I really wish I’d just waited until you were finished sharing this scene because now I have to wait to find out what happens next. 🙁 I enjoyed this bit. I do like murder mystery type things so this is very fascinating. I sort of imagined new age Sherlock Holmes with his thought process.

Author Charmaine Gordon
7 years ago

Oh so terrific. You brought this reader right into his mind with wonderful writing. Thank you, Heather.

Gemma Parkes
7 years ago

Beautifully written, i especially like ‘ He found it hard to believe she’d simply passed on without assistance.’ the tone just fits in so well with the nature of the scene!

7 years ago

This kind of writing that brings me up close to a character always draws me in. It seems clear you know this guy well and that definitely helps make characters believable.

Could I make a suggestion? This part “Not every death was suspicious. Sometimes people just died. He had a trunk full of unsolved villainy in his study to prove that point…” seems contradictory. If some deaths are not suspicious, then he couldn’t really describe the trunkful of stuff as villainy, IMHO. But that’s an easy fix, if you decide to. Thanks for sharing this bit!

Teresa Cypher
7 years ago

I like being privy to his thought process. You’ve written it so well, Heather. 🙂 And the last line is perfect! “…passed on without assistance.” 🙂