Writing Update – Keepsake, Leverage and the snuggly cat


Wow. July is flying by and so is the winter season. Not entirely sure I’ve experienced an actual winter yet. It hardly seems cold enough but my cat Morpheous is certainly getting cuddly. (See cute kitty picture to the left – and be fooled like everyone else by his seemingly benign appearance) I suppose with a mild winter my summer will probably be a total bitch. Must get ceiling insulation organized one of these days. And a cool suit. I could do with one of those when writing.

News from the Writing Desk

Leverage, Book 6 in the Distinguished Rogues Series, is moving along slowly. I’ve been researching debtor’s prison, particularly the Marshallsea Prison in Southwark and the terms many of London’s debtor’s were confined under. Fascinating stuff. My heroine needs to come and go, much like Amy Dorrit did in Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit. The similarities end there though. Wont say too much more since this is a work in progress and lots of details can change as I write the story.

Keepsake, Distinguished Rogues 5

It’s a little over a month till Keepsake releases. I’m getting impatient, as I always do when a release day approaches, so I’m sharing a small teaser from the story, in my hero’s point of view, just to whet your appetite:

Keepsake Digital Book Cover Image
“Forgive me,” Kit murmured. “My mind wandered for a moment and I spoke out of turn.”

Emily turned fully to look behind him. “Madam, you are simply in the wrong box.

Oh. ”There was always someone blundering into a box in search of friends and vacant seats. He pinched the bridge of his nose. He’d leave Emily to shoo them away.

Emily had been a great comfort to him. She alone out of all his friends had counseled patience when taking his next step to secure a wife and heir, especially since his first attempt had been thwarted by Miranda’s sudden and shocking disappearance. She’d understood and accepted his hesitation. He could have taken steps to have Miranda declared dead three years ago. No one had heard news of her, but with no body found there still seemed a chance she lived, so he’d continued to delay. The problem now was that Kit was having trouble letting her memory go. She had made a lasting impression on him, despite their short time together.

Married a day. Not even the wedding night spent together.

It was the two dozen nights spent in her bed before the wedding that made Miranda impossible for forget.

“Unfortunately not.” A feminine sigh sounded behind him, one edged with sadness and regret. “I’ll allow you to lay claim to the chair in Taverham’s box for the night, but the man you cling to so firmly is certainly taken.”

The hair on the back of Kit’s neck prickled with awareness, but he dared not turn around. It was only a waking dream of Miranda.

~ * ~

Don’t forget Keepsake is available for pre-order at Apple iBooks (see links below) at the limited time price of 99c

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Staff Update

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Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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