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Let’s try again. Sorry for the false start a few weeks ago. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from a wip – In Her Image. I’ve shared some of this before but the story has taken a new direction and it will be more regency era historical mystery than romance, although one of my characters is bound to misbehave at some point. Will see how it goes. We are in London, early 1800’s, and this is the new beginning. Enjoy!


Angels never had a presence so still, widened eyes so absent of expression yet revealing so much if one cared to look hard enough. “She was surprised by her attacker,” Damon, Lord Wade concluded after a few moments studying the still woman at his feet.

“Shouldn’t the body be removed from public view,” asked Andrew, his closest brother in age and reluctant assistant in his investigations into the unexplained deaths that plagued the great city of London. “We ought not to be discovered here, too.”

Damon would not be lured away from the truth so easily, and leaned over the body for a closer look. “Do you not wish me to find the culprit of this evil deed? If we move her before all evidence is uncovered, vital clues could be missed.”

“If word of our involvement got out wouldn’t the family suffer for it?”

Thanks for reading my work and I’m looking forward to reading yours tonight. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “WeWriWa – Restart July”

  1. The first sentence is intriguing but confusing, too. I like the excitement of a dead body and the mystery surrounding it. I was also confused by the dialogue. I think you need to proof read to make it smoother. I’m curious to the time frame. The speakers do not use modern day dialect, so I need a little more to place them if this is the beginning of the WIP. You have an interesting concept.


  2. I have to admit, the writing style at first glance was a bit much for me…I think it might just be because it’s early and I haven’t had my first cup of coffee : ). Second perusal and it was all good, ‘crept for the small typo “shouldn’t the body should…”

  3. Interesting. The dialogue sounds right. And as for me, I LOVE that first line describing the victim. It made for an excellent visual, but more than that, a feel for the narrator’s voice. Nicely done. 🙂

  4. Intriguing, I love mysteries set in another time, so this will be good, I’m SURE. The first sentence threw me, probably because I’m not just happily reading the entire book right now. But an excellent excerpt and I want to read on!

  5. I loved the opening sentence! You reveal so much in this short excerpt and leave me on the edge of my seat, anxious to learn more about these ‘unexplained deaths’. Well done, Heather! 🙂

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