Read and Loved: A Christmas Dance by Alissa Johnson




William Renwick, Earl of Casslebury, has begun his hunt for a wife as he begins all things in life, with careful planning and strict discipline. But his well-honed strategy to acquire the perfect countess goes awry when he finds himself captivated, not by the suitable young lady he intended to court, but by her unusual companion—the quiet, charming, and alarmingly unpredictable Miss Patience Byerly.


My thoughts:

Read and loved this June release from Alissa Johnson last week. Utterly delightful story. I’ve never read anything this author has published before and I found the romance very sweet and dialogue truly witty. Easily fell in love with the hero William and heroine Patience and the situation she was in was something that falls very close to home for me. Regardless of that, I’d certainly consider rereading this story one day soon . A fast satisfying read that leaves you smiling at the end. 🙂

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