Publishing and Popcorn

Good morning!  I’ve been clicking publish and updating everywhere I can so that readers can grab An Accidental Affair at a great price. For a limited time, days not weeks, An Accidental Affair is 99c.


AAA_FrontCover200Lady Farnsworth learned the value of independence after an unfulfilling marriage. Although lonely, she must chaperone her niece during her first last season. Gossip paints the Earl of Rothwell a notorious scoundrel, but this season Merrick’s intentions are honorable. … until he mistakenly kisses the wrong lady and everything about the encounter feels so very right.

The story is published in print and digital editions. So far you can find the digital editions of the novel at:

APPLE iBOOKS: AUS  |  US  | UK  |  Canada

AMAZON:  AUS  |  US   |  UK  | Canada

aRE   |  KOBO  |  Smashwords



Barnes & Noble and Google Play are lagging a bit. Will update soon as title and links are working there.

In the meantime I’m going to sit back, take a short breather from the work of publishing with a bucket of popcorn while you have all the fun reading my latest labor of love and matchmaking efforts.

I hope you love Arabella and Rothwell as much as I do.