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Happy Sunday! Well, it would be if it hasn’t been raining all morning. Don’t get me wrong we need the rain. But rainy days make me want to write. I’m supposed to have my mum hat on today. Writing has to wait until tomorrow.

Miss George’s Second Chance released this week, despite Amazon opening up the Australian store and throwing me into a mild panic at the prices they’d set.  I’m hoping some of you were tempted to grab the whole story but if not …. keep reading. I’m continuing the scene straight on from last week. It loses a bit without the last part of the dialogue but them’s the breaks.

Where is your chaperone, Miss George?” Mr. Watson asked suddenly, squinting into the darkness toward the township where their respective homes lay.

With her eyesight as poor as it was, Imogen couldn’t say for certain in which direction her reluctant chaperone, her brother Walter, stood, so she waved her hand airily in the direction she’d left him, hoping her companion would not notice or point out if she were utterly wrong. “Walter is over there. Never mind about him for the present. Do sit down so I may avoid suffering a pained neck from looking up at you.”

As Mr. Watson sank to the ground nearby, a weary sigh left his lips. “I am sorry I tumbled you over earlier tonight, Miss George….”


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Happy release day Miss George!

It’s release day at last for Miss George’s Second Chance. I am so thrilled to have this book complete and out into the world. You first met Miss Imogen George in Miss Watson’s First Scandal. Best friends and soon to be sisters-in-law. But things change quickly in my world and the convenient happy ever after Miss George intended goes all wrong when her intended gains a title, and money.



When desperately private writer Imogen George offered to marry Peter Watson it wasn’t just to save a friend but to secure her own future. With her eyesight failing and no other prospects for marital bliss on the horizon, surely it wouldn’t be too horrible to marry without the benefits of love. But then Peter gains a title a week before they’re set to wed and all of Imogen’s expectations change.

Peter once believed that marriage to Imogen would solve his financial problems. He didn’t mind marrying for convenience and a large fortune when affection was within reach. Yet when he gains a title, an estate, and a fortune of his own the secretive writer releases him from their engagement so he might marry for love. Now he’s returned, unwed and unaware of changes in her life, should he do what is expected or listen to his heart instead?




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I hope you’ll take a peek at Miss George’s Second Chance and let me know what you think.