WeWriWa: Hunting the Hero Pt8

Greetings. Disastrous week on the writing front here. Computer problems and program updates are driving me crazy but thankfully WeWriWa posts everything better. 🙂 I’m again sharing more from Hunting the Hero. I’ve skipped ahead a teensy bit from last week. In the last excerpt shared, Constantine wanted an introduction. Calista strutted forward and…


The bold move placed her between him and the bawd as if the larger woman might need her protection. “This was a private conversation, my lord.”

“About me.”

Calista shrugged as if the matter were of no importance. “Wagers are placed in any number of places and at any time about many things. Do you take offence to each and every one?”

“I never said I was offended. I just doubt your ability to do as you claim.”

I love and appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading.

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Hunting the Hero_200

Hunting the Hero OUT NOW

Meredith wants no part of her long-ago identity as Rosemary Randall. She’s created a more exciting life as a courtesan. She’ll never let herself be tied down to the Earl of Grayling, but something deep inside her yearns to stay. Should she trust the man she’s coming to love with the secrets of her past, or flee to save them both from heartbreak?


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Linda Hamonou
8 years ago

So now she is going to want to prove him wrong, I can feel the danger coming here.

8 years ago

Excellent excerpt, can’t wait for more between these two characters! Really enjoying the story…

8 years ago

Great use of the 8’s yet again Heather! This couple just gets more and more intriguing.

8 years ago

oh oh. Constantine needs to be careful

8 years ago

Love the excerpt Heather! There is so much chemistry between them that it almost blew up my computer screen! Can’t wait for next week’s post! 🙂

Nora Nix (@Nora_Nix)
8 years ago

He’s going to regret doubting her… possibly in a good way. 😛 Great 8!

8 years ago

I like Calista’s spirit. Great 8 🙂

Gemma Parkes
8 years ago

I am enjoying the language you’re using and the sharp exchanges between characters.

8 years ago

He’s falling into the web she’s so expertly woven…

8 years ago

She is certainly not a push-over. Good 8