WeWriWa: Hunting the Hero Pt4

I had a fantastic time last week catching up with favorite authors participating in WeWriWa. Hopefully, I’ll get around a few more people this weekend. I’m continuing with excerpts from my new regency historical romance Hunting the Hero so I hope you keep reading.


The madam glanced over her shoulder and he ducked back out of sight before he was seen. He might be impatient for an introduction so he could dismiss his curiosity soon after, but he was interested in their argument too. It was not every day a man overheard an honest conversation in a place like this.

“I refuse to listen to Mallory’s dull playing for one more night,” the dark-haired girl muttered in a smooth, sultry voice that belied her tiny appearance. “She hasn’t the talent to entertain the whole room and your busiest night is always filled with the same faces.”

“Lord Grayling has come and needs to be entertained,” Mrs. Cohen answered in a shocked tone.

On hearing his name, Constantine eased close to the door and peeked through the crack again. The dark-haired nymph stood with her back to the fire, rubbing her hands together as if she was chilled through.

Weekend Writing Warriors share 8 sentences of their writing, published or unpublished each week on their blog or website. Be sure to check out the other fantastic writers participating in WeWriWa this weekend.

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Hunting the Hero OUT NOW

Meredith wants no part of her long-ago identity as Rosemary Randall. She’s created a more exciting life as a courtesan. She’ll never let herself be tied down to the Earl of Grayling, but something deep inside her yearns to stay. Should she trust the man she’s coming to love with the secrets of her past, or flee to save them both from heartbreak?


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8 years ago

I think it’d be funny if he gets caught snooping : )

Donna Cummings
8 years ago

Nice snippet! I love that “an honest conversation” isn’t often heard in that locale. 🙂

Sarah Cass
8 years ago

Love the way he’s listening in, trying to get a true word…I wonder what else he’ll hear.

Frank Fisher
8 years ago

I agree with J.A. You can learn some interesting things by overhearing them. I love how he listens in on them, such a likeable character.

8 years ago

The stuff you learn when you overhear! Nice snippet!

8 years ago

great excerpt! I laughed at the comment of her dull playing! 🙂

8 years ago

Fascinating scene going on here, can’t wait for more. The description is really excellent, great snippet!

8 years ago

very descriptive. I can see him clearly in my head as he snoops

Gemma Parkes
8 years ago

Love the setting and the language, great imagery and full of attitude!