Sunday Snippet #4 Guarding the Spoils

Sunday Snippet #4

Hey! Welcome back to my website for another WeWriWa post. Thanks for sharing part of your weekend with me.

I’m continuing on from last week with my next release, Guarding the Spoils (due out April 30 btw). Was that too subtle a hint? Sorry. Just getting a little bit excited about the release.. Ooh look pretty cover on the right!

“Damn it, Oliver. Come down at once before you break your neck,” his elder brother demanded.

Oliver ran his fingers over the spines of the books closest. So many bright minds had been granted the freedom to live and experience the world as they saw fit while he had been condemned to the never-ending repetition of days and years with only the wonders of nature’s transitions outside his window to provide any sort of adventure. “Given the circumstances I’ve endured at the duke’s hands these past years, I do not find your reference to my sanity particularly amusing. I’ll come down when I’m ready and not a moment before.”

Oliver had only recently returned to the family fold, to the Romsey Estate and the sweet freedom of personal liberty. Leopold did not understand that Oliver looked for adventure at every opportunity now, even if it was merely helping himself to a second corner of toast and strawberry jam at breakfast or exploring a new point of view.

Sunday Snippet #4

And that’s my Weekend Writing Warrior’s post. I hope you visit the WeWriWa website to check out the other wonderful work by the authors listed there. Have a great weekend reading.

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