New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! Doesn’t the beginning of a new year feel hopeful. Perhaps 2013 will be a year of peace, prosperity and good luck to all. Well I can hope, can’t I. I’m hoping you all survived last night’s new years eve party without too big a headache this morning.

For 2013, I have slightly different goals than I had for previous years. I’m usually good at pursing what I want so I’ve always reached my goals when they’ve been reasonable. In 2010 I challenged myself to do better, as in more words written, than the previous year. Check. During 2011, I embarked on Indie publishing and learning lots about the process. Now I can help others. During 2012 I wanted to slow down, concentrate on a few areas only and not be spread quite so thin. That’s worked out ok.

For 2013 I’m hoping to improve my work/life balance. I still want to write lots of stories but maybe I need a bit more me time. I definitely need to improve my fitness. In my previous careers, I’ve gone out to work, run around on errands, but I don’t do that much moving anymore since I work from home full-time. I love writing, but sitting down for long periods of time, for the rest of my working life, is not in my best interests. I’m getting all kinds of new aches and pains in places I shouldn’t have them at my age. I need to find more excuses to get out of my chair each day if I want to be healthy.

So, what’s my plan for 2013?

* 12 writing projects of varying lengths (list pinned beside my computer)
* daily exercise of ANY kind
* 52 books read — I really did not read enough last year and I’ve missed a lot of good stories

It’s only a short list, but that’s what I’m aiming for during the coming year. Achievable? I think so. Wish me luck!

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