#SixSunday 41 In Her Image

Hello everyone. Christmas is just a few days away so Merry Christmas. Hope you have a good one. I’m continuing with In Her Image and the next black cloud to ruin Doris’ day has just arrived.


She knew what loss felt like and had no wish to reacquaint herself with those gnawing sensations. Alone was better. It hurt less. There was nothing so wretched as to pretend that your heart wasn’t breaking before a strangers’ gaze.

She scanned the park, looking for another scene to hold her attention. Marcel was still out of sight, but a broad figure strutted along the path in her direction, his belly swinging slightly with each step.


I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments each week, and those visiting my blog for the first time. If you’re new, each Sunday a great bunch of writers publish a short six sentence excerpt from a work in progress or a published story. You will find amazing authors participating in Six Sunday by visiting the host site, Six Sentence Sunday and by searching for #SixSunday via Twitter.

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