#SixSunday 29 Love Me True – Part 3

Hiya peeps.
Spring came last week, lasted about two days then quickly disappeared again. Much like my internet service really. All I can say is thanks to the Apple iPhone creators and thank god for hotspot. I’ll have feeble internet connection until Tuesday next week. But enough of my problems. You’re here for this weeks Six Sentence Sunday snippet. Here tis!


Was he planning to make her his prisoner now? But Lord Justin merely threaded his fingers through her hair, combing through snarls until she felt no pain. Then with deft twists of his fingers, her hair landed on her head and he reached for the pins she’d left in a pile last night.

When he was done, he dragged her upright to face him. He tugged tucked a few missed strands behind her ear and nudged her mouth shut.

“Time to face the Duchess.”


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11 thoughts on “#SixSunday 29 Love Me True – Part 3”

  1. There’s something about a man threading his fingers through a woman’s hair that is the ultimate sensation!!

  2. Even without having read the whole story, I’d be nervous on her behalf about meeting the Duchess, especially given how intimidating some fictional ones seem to be (real ones turn out to be less so, especially if encountered while walking their dogs).

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