#SixSunday 27: Love Me True

It’s been a frantic month here on the far side but I have all kinds of new things to share — starting with an excerpt from my latest release. Love Me True was a story I serialized in my monthly newsletter but now it’s finalized and unleashed on the world. This snippet is from the beginning of the story. Enjoy!


As he sat, Justin signaled for the footman to fill his glass and then he turned to his companion, resigned to another awkward conversation. “Miss Wheaton, you look lovely.”

The watering debutante’s nose wrinkled with distaste, and then she buried it in her handkerchief again. Justin shrugged, determined to ignore the snub. Really, what could one say to comfort a broken heart? In his experience, it was better to pretend the whole farce of falling in love had never happened in the first place.


I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments each week, and those visiting my blog for the first time. You will find amazing authors participating in Six Sunday by visiting the host site, Six Sentence Sunday and by searching for #sixsunday via Twitter.

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