#SixSunday 26: Chills

Welcome to the first Six Sentence Sunday from my brand spanking new location on my self-hosted website. Starting over with a blog is so nerve-wracking. Still a little bit to do with the blog but I’m up and running, if looking a little friendless just now. If you FOLLOWED me at my previous (wordpress.com) site it’s just as easy to sign up here. (My old blog will be closed down shortly). If you’re feeling generous, you could also follow my blog via the FB Networked Blogs widget and help fill up that painfully empty sidebar widget.

Now for my six and continuing on from last week, in my hero Jack’s POV from Chills. He thinks ending Constance’s (nickname: Pixie) engagement is going to be so easy (insert evil laugh).

* * *

Pixie scowled at him and, despite his anger, he softened a touch. For all her headstrong ways, she was a good girl. As his ward, she’d caused little serious trouble. But she wasn’t under his control now, as she asserted. His guardianship had ended last Christmas, but old habits die hard. He would expect to hear everything, and then he’d end her engagement.

* * *

#SixSunday 26: Chills

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14 thoughts on “#SixSunday 26: Chills”

  1. Pixie is engaged to someone Jack, a marquess, chooses not to remember. He’s been a bit surprised by the engagement. (Oh and sorry about the comment moderation – another thing to fix today)

  2. As determined as Constance seems about this, Jack may have to get quite creative in convincing her to break off the engagement. Nice to see his POV.

  3. So, is Pixie engaged to someone else and Jack is trying to break it off? Or is the engagement their own? I may need to go back and read some previous snippets to catch up! These two sound feisty and fun.

  4. Love the new website – I’m been having a good poke around. 🙂

    Looks like Pixie may have to really exert herself to get her own way. I can’t work out whether he’s being utterly unreasonable or is a man much in love wh hasn’t quite admitted it to himself yet.

  5. She has such a non-threatening name I love it. Imagine his suprise when Pixie proves that even tiny fairies have bite 🙂

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