Hump day hottie: Jake Gyllenhaal

20120509-173428.jpgI’m supposed to be bunkered down writing Forsaking the Prize this week but I thought I’d share my inspiration for my current hero, Tobias Randall. When I watched Jake in Love and other Drugs I loved the character’s casual attitude to sex and relationships at the beginning of the story. Very much Tobias Randall. He’s lived his whole adult life expecting each day to be his last and the only plan he had was revenge. When that’s taken away from him, he’s just a little lost.

Tobias is tall and lanky like Jake too, brown eyes instead of blue, sun bleached hair instead of brown. An altogether yummy hero to spend my days with.

Back to writing for me. Have a great Wednesday.

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Paris Brandon
9 years ago

Thank you, my Wednesday just got better. I love watching this guy “work”:)

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